Suing For A Dog Attack

Were you jogging around your neighborhood and was suddenly attacked by a dog? Did the attack lead to you getting badly in the leg and having to take time off from work? If you attempted to get money from the dogs owner but was told that you are responsible for the incident, the dispute might need to be placed in the hands of a personal injury attorney. You will have to prove that the attack didn't happen as the result of something that was done to taunt the dog. Browse through the information in this article to get a general idea of the assistance that an attorney can provide in your favor.

Determine Your Legal Rights

Before you can actually get money from the other party, you must have the legal right to do so. He or she must hear about the day that you went jogging and how the incident occurred. Your legal rights in the dispute will depend on what you did or said right before the dog attacked you. For example, did you stop jogging for a brief moment to make barking sounds at the dog? The attorney will basically figure out if you provoked the attack in any way that makes you legally responsible for your own injuries and missed time from work.

Investigate the Dog in Question

Your attorney will investigate the dog in question to gather information that can possibly help your case. For instance, he or she will learn about the breed and natural temperament of the dog. The investigation will also include gathering details about the history of the dog, such as if he or she has ever attacked anyone in the past. If other attacks have happened, the victims might be contacted during the investigation. The attorney can also find out if the dog is used for fighting other dogs, which can possibly account for his or her aggression.

Take Steps to Obtain Money

An attorney will take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you are able to obtain money from the other party. For instance, no matter how liable the other party is for his or her dog attacking you, it must be proven by law. An attorney will gather evidence and find witness that can verify that you are not liable for the attack. He or she can also attempt getting you a settlement that doesn't involve going to court, as it can speed the compensation process up.

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