Car Crash Into Your Home And Insurance Denied Claim? Tips To Get The Claim Disputed

If you are sitting in your home and a car suddenly crashes through a wall, this can cause damage to your home, as well as to you. If you make a claim with your homeowner's insurance company and the company denies your claim you can dispute the claim to get the money you need. Below is more information about this so you can get everything back to normal. Submit a Report [Read More]

Suing For A Dog Attack

Were you jogging around your neighborhood and was suddenly attacked by a dog? Did the attack lead to you getting badly in the leg and having to take time off from work? If you attempted to get money from the dogs owner but was told that you are responsible for the incident, the dispute might need to be placed in the hands of a personal injury attorney. You will have to prove that the attack didn't happen as the result of something that was done to taunt the dog. [Read More]

Is Your Teen Being Falsely Blamed For An Auto Accident And They Are Injured? What To Do Now

If your teen was involved in an auto collision and it was assumed it was their fault because of their age, but instead it was the other driver who caused the incident, you want to talk with a lawyer. If law enforcement automatically went with the response from the adult, and they said you teen was driving recklessly, or texting and your teen was the one who ended up injured, without doing any of these things, a lawyer needs to be contacted immediately. [Read More]

Why These Personal Injury Beliefs Are Actually Myths

If there is a personal injury claim you would like to pursue, you should be careful not to believe on the numerous personal injury myths floating around. Here are some classic examples of these myths: Litigation Results in Big Awards Some people believe that going to trial automatically results in a bigger settlement, but this isn't necessarily true. This is because when you go to trial it is the judge or the jury who decides how much you deserve, and they don't always give huge settlements. [Read More]