Is Your Teen Being Falsely Blamed For An Auto Accident And They Are Injured? What To Do Now

If your teen was involved in an auto collision and it was assumed it was their fault because of their age, but instead it was the other driver who caused the incident, you want to talk with a lawyer. If law enforcement automatically went with the response from the adult, and they said you teen was driving recklessly, or texting and your teen was the one who ended up injured, without doing any of these things, a lawyer needs to be contacted immediately. [Read More]

Why These Personal Injury Beliefs Are Actually Myths

If there is a personal injury claim you would like to pursue, you should be careful not to believe on the numerous personal injury myths floating around. Here are some classic examples of these myths: Litigation Results in Big Awards Some people believe that going to trial automatically results in a bigger settlement, but this isn't necessarily true. This is because when you go to trial it is the judge or the jury who decides how much you deserve, and they don't always give huge settlements. [Read More]

Dealing With Claims Officials Who Don't Pay Attention

People aren't perfect, and even if you're working with an injury and/or disability compensation system that could make or break your chances at survival in the economy, you could run into people who make things difficult beyond just paperwork issues. Your information could be saved as a blank document by someone who doesn't know the system properly, or an official may disagree with the importance and potency of your evidence. Here are a few situations to watch out for when seeking injury compensation, along with ways to strengthen your argument. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Worker's Compensation and Family Medical Leave

Most adults are familiar with both worker's compensation and the Family Medical Leave Act, also called FMLA. Unfortunately, most people associate FMLA with taking time off from work to have a child, so they don't see the connection that can be built between worker's compensation and FMLA benefits. Here's a look at what you should know so you can discuss it with your worker's compensation attorney. What Exactly Is FMLA? [Read More]