Three Endings To Your DUI Case

When arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), there is the potential for three major endings to your case. Read and find out more. You Plead Out The above term is used by attorneys to refer to plea bargains. The chances to be offered a plea bargain is high. However, the chances that the plea bargain is beneficial to you are not as certain. Plea bargains can be beneficial but careful thought should go into the decision. [Read More]

The Importance Of Records In Trucking Accident Cases

When a truck gets into an accident, victims and attorneys want to hold the responsible parties accountable. Lawyers often look at a company's logs and records to help figure out who the liable parties are and how the accident happened. Especially if the other side doesn't want to settle the case, a truck accident injury attorney may use the records to apply pressure and encourage a settlement. Here is what a truck accident lawyer might learn by digging into logs. [Read More]

When A Dog Bite Ruins Your Day

Taking a walk is a healthy way to clear your mind, get some fresh air, and exercise at the same time. However, a dog bite can put a stop to your enjoyment in a major way. To find out what you should do after a dog bite, read on.  Taking Action Depending on the severity of your injuries, the sooner you gather information about the dog and owner the better. Get the owner's contact information and address. [Read More]

Why Filing Sooner Is Almost Always Better In Bankruptcy

People who've never filed for bankruptcy before often wonder about the timing of the process. A bankruptcy attorney will typically tell a prospective client that filing sooner is almost always better. However, you might wonder why that is. Crushing Debts Debts rarely get better with time, and the best move is usually to get them under control as soon as possible. People who are seeking discharges through Chapter 7 liquidation often don't have enough assets to justify the additional stress of months or years of waiting to file. [Read More]