Car Crash Into Your Home And Insurance Denied Claim? Tips To Get The Claim Disputed

If you are sitting in your home and a car suddenly crashes through a wall, this can cause damage to your home, as well as to you. If you make a claim with your homeowner's insurance company and the company denies your claim you can dispute the claim to get the money you need. Below is more information about this so you can get everything back to normal.

Submit a Report

The first thing you should do is to submit a report of the denied claim to the manager or supervisor of the insurance company. They will read through the report and talk with the insurance adjuster that denied the claim. They will then decide if the claim should be denied. In many cases, however, they will approve the claim.

You can write down the events that happened to use as the report. Make sure you tell them every detail, so the insurance manager or supervisor can understand the accident well. You can also ask your insurance representative for a report claim paper.

If you still have problems, report to the insurance department for the state that you live in. They will make sure your insurance company is following the state regulations. They will also look at your claim closely and decide if it should be approved or denied.

Hire an Attorney

If you still cannot get your claim approved, you should consider hiring an insurance dispute attorney. They will ask your insurance company for all records pertaining to your case, so they can go over the information. If they find your claim should not have been denied they can take steps to help you.

The insurance agent will also ensure the amount of the claim is correct. For example, your claim may not be enough to cover the damage to your home. If not, the attorney will submit a claim with the insurance company stating the new amount.

Insurance companies send adjusters to the location to determine the amount of money that should be paid to the insured and if the claim should be approved or denied. Your attorney may hire their own adjuster to do the same to see why your claim was denied. The attorney may also contact the insurance company and ask for the adjuster's records.

Contact an insurance dispute attorney in your area to get much more information about this. The attorney can also walk you through the entire dispute process.