Is Your Teen Being Falsely Blamed For An Auto Accident And They Are Injured? What To Do Now

If your teen was involved in an auto collision and it was assumed it was their fault because of their age, but instead it was the other driver who caused the incident, you want to talk with a lawyer. If law enforcement automatically went with the response from the adult, and they said you teen was driving recklessly, or texting and your teen was the one who ended up injured, without doing any of these things, a lawyer needs to be contacted immediately. Here are some of the things to know as you meet with the attorney.

Don't Make Police Statements

You don't want your teen to accidentally say anything that could hurt their case like they aren't sure what happened, they can't remember, or that they did do something the other driver is saying. Instead, have your teen stay quiet and then they can make a statement when they are in front of a judge with their lawyer by their side, so there aren't false clues detailed about the case.

Ask if the Data Recorder Can Help the Case

Most automobiles that are currently on the roads will have a data recorder under the hood, and this will record the actions of the vehicle. This can show that your teen wasn't speeding, maybe used a blinker, didn't stop abruptly, or that someone or something else had to cause the collision and injuries. This may be the key to getting your teen the settlement that is deserved.

Keep Detailed Records

Keep detailed records of your teen's medical injuries, the automobile bills from the accident, and anything else that involves the case. If your lawyer is able to prove that your teenager was just an innocent bystander who got badly injured in the accident and that it was the other driver that caused all this pain and strife, you want to have all of the evidence you need to go for a settlement.

If your teen was wronged by the authorities and another driver on the road, and you need to prove that they were the victim of the accident and that they deserve to be compensated, you need to get a car accident lawyer on your case right away. There are so many different ways the lawyer may be able to prove the accident cause, with video surveillance, witnesses and more. Don't give up until your teen gets what they deserve.