What Issues Must Be Settled During A Divorce?

Getting a divorce involves much more than simply deciding not to be married to your spouse any longer. Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, there are several matters that must be resolved before the divorce is final. These are some issues that must be settled when going through a divorce. Division of Property When a couple ends their marriage, all of the personal property they have acquired during the marriage is considered to be owned by both parties. [Read More]

Third-Party Injuries At Construction Sites

As a worker injured on a construction site, your first thought may be to seek workers' compensation insurance. This makes sense because workers' compensation does not require you to prove liability on anyone's part for you to get compensated. In some cases, workers' compensation may be your only route for compensation. However, there are also cases where you are free to file a third-party injury claim. Below are some of these cases. [Read More]

When Is Hearsay Admissible In A Criminal Case?

How evidence and testimony are entered into the court record is a big deal in American law. If you've ever watched legal movies or TV shows, you've doubtlessly seen a criminal defense attorney object to something because it is hearsay. That means that all hearsay is inadmissible in court, right? No. There are many exceptions outlined under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Most of the federal rules extend into state systems, and it's wise to know a bit about when hearsay actually can be entered into the record. [Read More]

Why You Should Ask The Judge For A Name Change In Your Divorce

If you changed your last name to your spouse's last name when you got married, you might now want to change your name back to your previous last name when getting divorced. This is actually quite common for spouses to do in a divorce, and it is much easier to accomplish this goal if you ask the judge for the name change during the divorce rather than to wait to do it later. [Read More]