Why You Should Ask The Judge For A Name Change In Your Divorce

If you changed your last name to your spouse's last name when you got married, you might now want to change your name back to your previous last name when getting divorced. This is actually quite common for spouses to do in a divorce, and it is much easier to accomplish this goal if you ask the judge for the name change during the divorce rather than to wait to do it later.

How to request a name change

During your divorce negotiations, you will have the chance to work out agreements on every issue of the divorce. This includes dividing up your assets and debts, settling issues related to your kids, and determining agreements for future issues. In addition, you have the right to request a name change at this time, too. Requesting a name change is something you will do in the courtroom before a judge.

Asking the judge to approve this for you will simplify the process, as it will state directly on your divorce decree that a judge approved your request to change your name. In fact, when the judge approves this and you receive your divorce decree, you can use the decree as evidence to get your name changed on your driver's license and other documents you have. Changing a legal name is not an easy and simple process to do, but it is much easier when you have proof that a judge approved it during your divorce hearings.

How to change your name after your divorce

If you do not request a name change in your divorce but decide later on that you want to do this, you can accomplish it; however, it will be harder to do. To do this, you will likely have to file a case with the court to stand before a judge. You would also have to fill out paperwork for this and prove your identity. You would also need to prove that you legally had the last name you now want to have at some point in the past. It requires getting a court order to legally change your name. Therefore, if this is something you want to do, make sure you do it during your divorce case.

Changing your last name back to your previous last name is something you are free to do if you get divorced. If you would like more information about this, reach out to law firm services.