3 Tips For Negotiating A Plea Deal For DUI

Were you recently arrested for drunk driving? If so, you're likely concerned about the outcome and the expense. A DUI conviction can lead to hefty fines, a suspended license, community service, and even jail time. There are also court fees and your attorney's compensation. When it's all said and done, your DUI could cost you thousands of dollars. If it goes to trial, the cost could be even greater. Of course, there is a way to minimize the cost and eliminate the uncertainty about the outcome. [Read More]

The Role Of An Insurance Adjuster After A Car Accident

If you were injured from a car collision with another driver, you will have the right to seek compensation for any injuries and damages you experienced from this incident. When you do this, you will likely be working with an insurance adjuster, and here are several important things to understand about the role the insurance adjuster plays in the settlement of your accident. The insurance adjuster works for the other person's insurance company [Read More]

Are You Being Fired By A Boss For Personal Reasons? Protect Your Employment Rights

Employment is often a tricky situation because it requires balancing varying personalities in a unique fashion. However, if you and your boss have a hard time getting along and she is trying to fire you for it, that is not a valid reason to fire someone, and if they do fire you, they are violating your employment rights and can be sued. Your Employer Cannot Fire You Just Because They Don't Like You [Read More]

3 Keys For Your Estate Planning Needs

If you're thinking about making the most out of your estate, it involves some planning and expertise on your part. The more work that you put into planning your estate issues, the easier it'll be for you to secure your future and the future of your family. When this is a matter that you're interested in, start by following these guidelines, and don't hesitate to reach out to an estate planning attorney that can assist you every step of the way. [Read More]