The Role Of An Insurance Adjuster After A Car Accident

If you were injured from a car collision with another driver, you will have the right to seek compensation for any injuries and damages you experienced from this incident. When you do this, you will likely be working with an insurance adjuster, and here are several important things to understand about the role the insurance adjuster plays in the settlement of your accident.

The insurance adjuster works for the other person's insurance company

The first thing to understand is who the insurance adjuster works for. When an accident occurs, the person responsible for the accident must allow their insurance company to settle the claim. Therefore, if you were not at fault, the insurance adjuster that is handling your claim will work for the other person's insurance company. Knowing this is important, because it will help you understand that the adjuster will not have your best interest in mind. Instead, the adjuster will want to pay out the lowest amount possible to save his or her company some money.

The insurance adjuster aims to settle quickly

Secondly, you should realize that insurance adjusters often like to settle claims quickly, and there are a few good reasons for this. The first is that settling the claim right away frees up time and work for the insurance company. Settling with a person closes the case, and this is a good thing for the insurance company. Secondly, settling quickly often means paying out less money in all for the claim. These are the main two reasons insurance adjusters like to settle right away if possible.  

Insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators

The other thing you should realize is that insurance adjusters are trained, educated, and experienced with negotiating, and this gives them the upper hand when settling with a victim of a car accident. If you are not a trained negotiator, you might find the process of negotiating very intimidating, and this might cause you to settle for an amount that is less than the amount you wanted. If you are worried about this, you should hire a lawyer to assist you with your case. If you hire a lawyer, he or she will handle all the negotiations for you, and this will make your life easier and less stressful.

If you do not feel comfortable talking directly to the insurance adjuster assigned to your case, you should contact a law office. Hiring a personal injury lawyer would be a great option for you, as your lawyer would take over handling all communications with the insurance adjuster. Contact a firm, like Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S., for more help.