Things To Expect From Your First DUI Charge

A first DUI charge is not nearly as severe and serious as a second one, but it will still result in consequences. If you were recently charged with drinking and driving, your best bet is to hire a lawyer with DUI experience. Your lawyer will help you fight your case in a way to receive the least amount of consequences for the crime. Here are some of the things you should expect from a first DUI charge.

Paying bail money to get out of jail

Getting caught drinking and driving will land you in jail and to get out, you will have to pay bail money. You can pay this out of your pocket or borrow money through a bail bondsman, but in either case, it will cost you some money.

Suspension of your driver's license

Secondly, you should expect to lose your driver's license, at least for a while. The amount of time will depend on the state you are in, your criminal history, and a variety of other factors. With a first charge, you have a good chance of only losing your license for a short while, and you also have a good chance of getting approved to get an occupational driver's license. With multiple DUI charges, you stand to lose a lot more in terms of driving privileges.

Educational course requirements

It is also very common for the consequence of a DUI to be the requirement of taking educational courses. This may be some type of course that teaches about the dangers of alcohol and driving, or it could be some other type of course. The court will tell you what it is and where you must take it, and you would need to complete it within a certain amount of time to avoid further problems.

Probation time

The other thing you can expect after a first DUI charge is to be placed on probation. With a first DUI charge, the court will often use an informal probation period of six months to one year. Informal probation has rules to follow, but it is easier to complete than formal probation because you would not need to meet with a probation officer every month. Instead, you may meet just once or twice during the entire probation period.

Fighting a DUI charge is easier to do when you hire a lawyer, and fighting your case may help reduce your consequences. To learn more, meet with a DUI attorney today.