Ways To Prove That A "Use At Your Own Risk" Sign Wasn't Present At Your Accident Scene

A sign that reads "Use at Your Own Risk" is generally designed to accomplish two goals — one goal is to warn you that certain behaviors in the area can be dangerous, and the other goal is to absolve the property owner from any legal responsibility in the wake of you being injured. If you've recently had an accident and are consulting with a personal injury attorney, one of the first things that he or she might want to know is whether such a sign was present at the scene. If not, this is a good thing for your case. Some unscrupulous individuals may be tempted to put up a "Use at Your Own Risk" sign after your injury. Here are some ways to prove that it wasn't present.

Photos From The Scene

Ideally, you or someone close to you will have taken a series of photos at the scene of your accident. When you review the photos with your attorney — and compare what you see with where the sign is now positioned — it might be abundantly clear that the sign was not present when you had your accident. The property owner has attempted to protect himself or herself by installing the sign afterward and then suggesting it was there all along. Your photos will prove otherwise, and will be critical toward your case.

Evidence Around The Sign

It's not a major concern if you don't have any accident scene photos that depict the absence of the sign. You can return to the accident scene with an investigator from your attorney's team and look for some pertinent evidence around the sign. For example, if it was recently installed by being affixed to a wooden post, there might be wood shavings on the ground below the sign. Your investigator will take photos of the wood shavings, as they suggest that the sign was put up very recently. There wouldn't be any remaining evidence of this type for a sign that had been installed a long time ago.

Photos From Other Sources

Don't be afraid to do some digging to find photos from other people that may show that the sign wasn't present around the time of your accident. Depending on the location of the incident, you may be able to search social media for it, and then evaluate peoples' posted photos. This approach can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, but it's a good way to be involved in your case if you're able, and what you find may further support your argument that the sign wasn't present.

For more information, contact a personal injury attorney.