Denied Worker's Compensation? What You Should Do Now

Receiving the news that you have been denied worker's compensation can be devastating. You were hurt at work and need that money to help you get through the coming days and weeks. Without receiving the funds you stand to end up in the kind of financial situation that you never thought you would have to endure. It's a tough spot to be in but you shouldn't just accept the news lying down. Here are a few tips to help you understand just what to do when your employer informs you that you will not be receiving worker's compensation.

Set Up A Consultation With A Worker's Compensation Attorney

As soon as you learn that you won't be getting worker's compensation you should go see an attorney. The sooner you can make your appointment and have your consultation the quicker you can possibly have the decision reversed so you can get paid.

Worker's compensation defense lawyers know how insurance companies operate. Your employer's insurance company likely doesn't want to pay out the money and will fight tooth and nail to avoid giving it to you. If you're not familiar with the laws that govern the worker's compensation process you will most likely be in over your head. It's much better for you to hang back and let your attorney take care of the case in your place. They know how to gather all of the evidence and get the right proof that can help you obtain the kind of outcome that you're looking for.

Use A Different Strategy When You File An Appeal

If you plan to file an appeal you will need a different strategy if you're going to win. The evidence that you submitted the first time may have had some holes in it. You need to go through your paperwork with a fine tooth comb and figure out what you need to add to the record to make it more compelling.

Have you included each and every visit to the doctor? Do you have pictures of your injuries? Have you included a letter detailing how the physical pain impacts your ability to work? All of this plays a big part in helping you create a filing that will be successful.

Worker's compensation is a protective measure for people who are hurt while simply trying to do their job. Do whatever you can to make sure that you're able to partake of the rights provided by this form of insurance.