Racial Discrimination In The Workplace Is Not Tolerated

Racial discrimination is never tolerated, but when it comes to the workplace, there are both state and federal laws that prohibit this behavior. As such, any person who faces this type of scenario has a legal right to take action. Make sure you know what this type of behavior entails and how to legally move forward. 


Harassment and discrimination often go hand-in-hand, but it is worth noting that in the eyes of the law, the two terms do not necessarily represent the same type of action. An example of harassment might involve a co-worker who frequently makes racially insensitive jokes or that makes comments about a person's culture or skin color. Harassment could even include a statement about a threat of violence to a particular race of people.


Racial discrimination, on the other hand, often takes shape in a more actionable form. Consider a scenario where a manager decides to deny a promotion to an employee solely based on that person's race, for example. Another example might include a scenario in which a manager reserves the less desirable work duties for employees that are within a certain racial group. These scenarios represent actionable scenarios in which an individual is victimized in the workplace based on their race. 

Race Distinction

It is also worth noting that racial discrimination within the workplace is not reserved for a particular race of people. For instance, some people assume that this discrimination might only involve individuals who are in minority racial groups. However, the reality is that any person can be a victim of this behavior, no matter their race. As a result, any person who has an issue should voice their concerns.

Legal Documentation

The most important thing for any person who is in this situation to do is to get legal documentation. Generally, this documentation begins with a formal workplace complaint. All companies have different steps for completing this process, but it often includes a signed statement to a manager or HR representative. Once this complaint has been filed, speaking to an attorney should be the next step. Sadly, some companies will try to brush off the complaint, encourage the employee to drop it, or threaten retaliation. When an attorney becomes involved, you are protected from this behavior.

If you believe you are the victim of racial discrimination in the workplace, make it a point to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to handle this matter. Reach out to a race discrimination lawyer near you to learn more.