Video Footage As Evidence: What You Need To Know

Car accidents are quite unfortunate. They often involve injuries and expensive repairs for personal property. If you were in a car accident and another driver is at fault, you can seek compensation for all your losses. However, you have to provide adequate proof that the other party is liable. One of the best forms of evidence is video footage. With the number of cameras in other vehicles, on buildings, and even sometimes on traffic lights, you have a good shot at getting the footage you need to prove your case. Here are some things you need to know:

Where Can You Obtain Video Footage of Your Accident?

Because cameras are everywhere, there is a high likelihood that your accident is recorded. One of the first places to check is with any witnesses to the accident. At least one witness might have recorded the accident on their smartphone. You should also check with businesses in the area to see if their cameras caught any footage.

How Can You Get Your Hands on the Footage?

Just because there is footage of your accident does not always mean the owner of the video will give it to you. Though you should not have an issue asking for the footage, some may be reluctant to give it to you for some reason. If this happens to you, ask your attorney to get involved. They can draft a letter requesting the video to support your case. This often does the trick. If there is still reluctance and the video footage is crucial to your case, your attorney can subpoena the footage if necessary.

Why Do You Need Video to Support Your Case?

There are many ways in which video footage can help you win your car accident case. Video evidence can corroborate your recollection of the events of the accident. If the other driver attempts to claim you were at fault, the video can prove otherwise. If the other driver was acting in a negligent or egregious manner, your video footage can prove these actions. Also, if your accident was a hit and run, the video can help identify that driver to ensure they are held responsible.

If you are in a car accident case, be sure to get a car accident lawyer right away. In some cases, video footage can be deleted before you have a chance to get a copy of it. You stand to win your case when there is good video footage.