Ways Workers Can Properly Handle Construction Litigation

If you work in the construction industry and ever come to a dispute with a company you work for, things may get serious if litigation comes into the equation. If it does, be sure to take these measures to protect yourself legally. Make Sure You Have Evidence Whatever the reason is for disputing with a construction company in court, it's important to have evidence supporting your case. For instance, if you got injured around a work site and believe it was because proper work conditions weren't in place, then you need proof of negligence that caused these poor work-related conditions to surface. [Read More]

4 Mistakes You Can Avoid By Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

It's not uncommon following a car accident to feel shaken up and uncertain of what to do next. It's an overwhelming experience and one that can be made significantly easier by enlisting the help of a qualified car accident lawyer. Many people choose to handle their own claims following an accident, but this is often not the best course of action, as it can lead to costly mistakes. For instance, you may end up tampering with evidence or saying the wrong thing. [Read More]

Workers' Compensation Coverage: What Hurt Workers Can Expect

In most cases, workers that are hurt in a work accident are covered by their employer's workers' compensation insurance. This sort of insurance provides workers that qualify with benefits that include medical expense payments, partial lost wages, and more. Some injuries, though, fall into a grey area and may or may not be covered. Find out more below. Are Illnesses Covered? While workers' comp is known for its coverage of accidents, it also covers occupational illnesses in many cases. [Read More]

Keys To Keeping A Nonprofit Business Compliant

If you have a nonprofit business, then you want to make sure it remains compliant so that you can still enjoy a tax-free exempt status and keep your operations going strong. Here are some suggestions that can help with your nonprofit compliance. Make Money From Related Activities    Your nonprofit is in business for a particular reason. It might be to provide shelter to those in need or to feed children who have trouble paying for meals each week. [Read More]