Keys To Keeping A Nonprofit Business Compliant

If you have a nonprofit business, then you want to make sure it remains compliant so that you can still enjoy a tax-free exempt status and keep your operations going strong. Here are some suggestions that can help with your nonprofit compliance. Make Money From Related Activities    Your nonprofit is in business for a particular reason. It might be to provide shelter to those in need or to feed children who have trouble paying for meals each week. [Read More]

Be Prepared For These Challenges When Suing Your Spouse For Damages

When you're injured by your spouse—physically, mentally, or financially—you can sue them for damages. Like any other lawsuit, though, there are challenges you might encounter when pursuing personal injury compensation from someone to whom you're still legally married. Here are two issues you should prepare for. There May Be Legal or Contractual Prohibitions In most states, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against your husband or wife to recover compensation for damages related to injuries they inflicted on you. [Read More]

What Does A Wrongful Death Mean In The Legal Sense?

Many surviving family members of people who've died may feel the events leading to the person's passing were wrongful. When a wrongful death attorney examines a potential claim, though, they have to think about the issue in terms of what the concept means legally. Let's look at three legal factors that may build a wrongful death case. A Defendant No matter how awful events leading to death might be, it's hard to pursue a claim if there isn't an identifiable defendant. [Read More]

5 Situations When You Might Need To Get A Family Law Attorney

Family matters are some of the most intricate issues that require proper legal guidance. If they aren't handled well, they can lead to serious disputes and strained relationships. Family issues can be between a husband and wife, parents and their children, or even among the siblings. However, hiring a family law attorney in good time can help resolve family issues and maintain healthy family relationships. But at what point should you hire a family law professional for you? [Read More]