Three Endings To Your DUI Case

When arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), there is the potential for three major endings to your case. Read and find out more.

You Plead Out

The above term is used by attorneys to refer to plea bargains. The chances to be offered a plea bargain is high. However, the chances that the plea bargain is beneficial to you are not as certain. Plea bargains can be beneficial but careful thought should go into the decision. Consulting a criminal defense lawyer about your plea bargain offer is very important. Here is what to know about plea bargains.

  • A plea bargain means you are pleading guilty to something. It might not be DUI, though. Frequently, DUI cases end up pleading down to public intoxication, which is a far less serious charge than a DUI.
  • Your lawyer will review the evidence to help determine the value of the plea bargain. Plea bargains are not set in stone. If the evidence is weak, your lawyer has more latitude in getting the charges reduced or at least in getting the punishment lessened.

Your Charges Get Dropped

When charges are dropped the case is over and you won't have any punishment to endure.  However, having your DUI charges dropped is not a simple matter. When a DUI arrest occurs, the charges are based on evidence. From the moment the stop was made till you are arrested, evidence is generated. However, the quality of the evidence can be weak. In some cases, the evidence is so weak that the state prosecutor's office decides that the case won't hold up to scrutiny. In other words, the case will be lost in court.

Wrongdoing by law enforcement can also cause the charges to go away. For first-time offenders who get lucky, the court might offer them a deal that includes having the charges dropped if they participate in a court alternative sentencing program. Getting your charges dropped usually means you have an attorney who is on the job and knows their stuff. They know how to spot weaknesses in the evidence and understand ways to avoid a conviction.

You Go to Court

DUI cases may go to court. Even if you are offered a plea bargain, you always have the right to take your case before a judge and jury until you sign the agreement. Taking a case to court, though, can be stressful and expensive. There is also the element of the unknown because you cannot predict how a jury will rule on your case.

Speak to a DUI attorney about your DUI case to learn more.