How Car Accident Attorneys Help In Distracted Driving Cases

Distracted driving on a cell phone has become a real pandemic and is something that causes thousands of crashes every year. And when this happens to a person, it is important for them to get high-quality help from a lawyer who can ensure that the defendant doesn't try to shift blame to them in a desperate attempt to avoid lawsuits and fines.

Distracted Driving Has Become a Real Issue

Statistics find that nearly 3,000 die per year due to distracted driving situations, and a much higher number are injured in minor and serious ways. The most common cause for this type of driving issue is people messing around on their cell phone. When this type of accident occurs and another person is affected, that individual very likely has a good case for a lawsuit and compensation.

However, there are instances in which that person may end up being surprised or stymied during a lawsuit due to careful defenses. This situation isn't uncommon if a person isn't prepared for their care or if they assume it is too open-and-shut. Therefore, they should talk to a car accident lawyer who understands the types of defense the defendant may try to take against them.

Defenses Take on Many Types

Very few people in cell phone car crash cases try to deny their use of the phone – checking their records can easily prove that they were distracted. Instead, they attempt what is known as shared liability defense. This method claims that the plaintiff somehow also contributed to the accident. The defendant may claim that they were driving too fast or say that the plaintiff was on their phone too.

Or they may try to claim that the defendant was more to blame by claiming that they were driving erratically and trying to use eyewitness testimony to prove this case. This situation can be very frustrating because a person may not have done anything wrong and end up getting their name pulled through the mud by a desperate person trying to avoid a serious and costly lawsuit.

Thankfully, a car accident lawyer can help in this situation by providing detailed defenses and high-quality help that makes it easier for a person to win a case. They will poke holes in a defendant's claims and show that the plaintiff was either driving safely or that their negligent behavior was not the main cause of the accident. In this way, a person increases their chances of winning.