What To Know When Hit By A Vehicle While Walking Down The Street

Accidents can happen when you least expect it, which includes being hit by a vehicle while you are walking. You could be trying to cross the street or just strolling down the sidewalk, and when that happens, you'll have questions about your pending injury lawsuit.

What Should You Do After You're Injured?

Your first priority should be to see medical attention for your injuries since being hit by a vehicle will likely result in some sort of serious injury. However, you will definitely need to get information about the driver if possible. Have a police officer come to the scene of the accident so that they can start the process of filing a police report, and they'll help get all the information you need about the driver's insurance and contact information for your injury lawsuit. 

How Do You Pay For Your Hospital Bills?

There are going to be some immediate medical bills that result from your injury, and you'll want to know how to pay for them. You should start by using your own health insurance with the knowledge that you are going to be paid back through a personal injury lawsuit. If you do not have your own health insurance, you can actually use your auto insurance policy if you have the benefits with medical coverage for yourself. It depends on what makes sense for you based on the policies that you hold.

Are Pedestrians Ever Responsible For The Injury?

A common misconception is that you cannot collect damages for accidents that were caused by jaywalking, which is simply not true. While there are laws regarding where you should be walking when crossing the street, know that it is always worth seeking a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages. You do not know what happened unless the accident is investigated, and you may still have a valid case.

For example, if the driver that hit you was distracted while driving due to texting on their phone, the nature of jaywalking may not matter. The driver was doing something while operating a vehicle that caused them to become distracted and not see you. The same can be said for people that are driving under the influence or being careless behind the wheel.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer if you need help with your case. You may be surprised at what their expertise can bring to the table to help receive the compensation you deserve.