Spent Time In ICU Due To Covid-19? How To Get Long-Term Disability After Being Diagnosed With PICS

If you spent time in ICU as a result of Covid-19, and you were on a ventilator during your care, you may be left to deal with a condition known as post-intensive care syndrome. If that's the case, you could be dealing with the effects for the rest of your life. In fact, you might not be able to return to your previous job. If that's the case, you'll need to apply for long term disability benefits. If your employer is fighting you on your right to file for long term disability benefits, or the insurance company has refused to provide coverage for your medical condition, don't give up. There are steps you can take to receive the benefits you're entitled to. 

Continue With Your Treatment

If you are under a doctor's care for post-intensive care syndrome, continue that treatment. PICS can cause a variety of medical problems. Some of those include memory problems, muscle weakness, fatigue, depression, and shortness of breath. Each of these symptoms will require extended treatment and doctor's care. Continuing treatment will provide the evidence you need to show a long-term disability associated with your Covid-19 hospitalization. 

Obtain All of Your Medical Records

If you're trying to receive long-term disability benefits due to post-intensive care syndrome — or PICS — make sure you obtain all of your medical records. The insurance company may try to say that your current condition is related to a pre-existing condition. If they do, they may continue to refuse coverage for your disability. Your medical records can be used to prove that you didn't have a pre-existing condition that caused the symptoms that you're experiencing right now. 

Document the Symptoms of PICS 

If you endured an extended stay in an ICU as a result of Covid-19, make sure you document the symptoms of PICS that you're experiencing right now. In addition to the symptoms described earlier, other symptoms include problems with communication and speech, insomnia, and PTSD — or post-traumatic stress disorder. If you're experiencing any of the symptoms associated with PICS, be sure to document the symptoms, and how they affect your day-to-day life. 

Hire a Long-Term Disability Attorney

Finally, if you spent an extended stay in the ICU due to Covid-19, and you've been diagnosed with post-intensive care syndrome, you need to hire a long-term disability attorney right away. Because Covid-19 is a new virus, many insurance companies may try to refuse coverage for PICS. An attorney can help you get the benefits you need for your recovery.

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