Let's Play "Can You Get Out Of This Speeding Ticket?"

There are at least a half-dozen scenarios that lead to a speeding ticket. Before you attempt to hire a speeding ticket attorney, you may want to find out if your situation is one from which you can untangle yourself. Here is the short little "game" of "Can you get out of this speeding ticket?"

You Were Drinking or Slightly "Buzzed": Can You Get out of This Ticket?

Usually, the answer to this is "no." Any time alcohol was involved with a speeding incident, the judge may not be so inclined to let you off. If you hire a lawyer, you may still get a penalty because you were driving under the influence, and that is illegal. In very rare circumstances, which typically involve first-time offenses, a judge may give you the benefit of the doubt if you have never been caught doing this before. However, that is very unusual.

You Had a Medical Emergency: Can You Get out of This Ticket?

That depends on the medical emergency. If you or a passenger is having a baby or having a heart attack, then there is a very good chance your lawyer could get the ticket cancelled. Gun shot wounds and life-threatening injuries are also good reasons for cancelling a speeding ticket. A broken arm or or an impalement where the item is still stuck in a body part may still count, but anything else is not reason enough for speeding.

You Were Running Late for Work (and You Got Fired): Can You Get out of This Ticket?

Here is where things get weird. Running late for work is not a good reason for speeding, and so the judge would make you pay the ticket. If your boss fired you because you were late on that day that you got the ticket, you may get it thrown out. The reason here is that the ticket is being excused not because you were allowed to speed to avoid being late, but because you got fired and now have no money to pay a ticket. 

While you should not have been speeding, the officer who pulled you over made you even more late. As a result, you lost your job. Your lawyer can argue that you cannot be expected to pay a speeding ticket while you are unemployed. The judge can then decide to either throw out the ticket or suspend the payment of the ticket until you can find work again.